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There are three characteristics of a good national administration: 

Firstly, good politicians, who lead the administration, who take decisions and who defend those decisions with conviction, both internally and externally. 

Secondly, clearly defined areas of responsibility between the government and parliament, and regional and local government, the judiciary and the supporting public services. 

Thirdly, efficient and conscientious employees, who know who to turn to if there are disagreements to resolve. 

None of these three characteristics is self-evident or simple to achieve; but when problems arise in the administration, the causes often lie in one or more of these areas.
The structure for these three characteristics to operate effectively is a codified written Constitution that clearly sets out the areas of authority, subsidiarity and responsibility. 

As at the date of a yes vote for independence there will be an incumbent government with x years to run. 
That government will presumably set a date for Independence Day and 
1 Start on the business of planning the changeover. Or 
2 It could call for a new election to earn a mandate for that task. Or, 
3 A commission could be set up to review the various options available for a democratic system of governing and managing the nation’s affairs. 
4 The commission to consist of thirteen members representing a cross section of society with a remit to complete initial recommendations within four months. Composition of the Commission could include three Politicians, three Commercial representatives, three representatives from the public sector and four non-aligned members. 
The latter would be preferable because these who currently run the Scottish Government machine are not necessarily the most competent people to draft the structure of Independence. When we achieve Independence it would be preferable to hear a variety of views on how Scotland intends to manage its domestic affairs, define its ambitions and represent on the world stage. 

The work in drafting this Constitution is supra governmental – a declaration of intent from the people which should transcend the ambitions of all sectors of the Scottish political machine. There needs to be a transition formula contained in this draft to this effect: 
On the conclusion of a vote for Independence the incumbent Scottish government will set no definitive date for the formal declaration of independence but will schedule a general election within the following twelve months. 

The people of Scotland will then decide upon who shall conduct these negotiations on their behalf.

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